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Inspire Foundational 200hr Teacher Training 2024 

February 14 – June 9

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Training Dates

February 14 – June 9, 2024

What you will learn

An introduction to yoga history and philosophy including Sankhya Philosophy, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra

Ethics of a yoga teacher using the principles of The Yamas and Niyamas, through both the Classical lens and the Tantrik lens

How to cultivate a sustainable sadhana (self-practice)

Meditation methods including awareness cultivation, visualisation, mantra, chanting, and mudras

Principles of Ayurveda and Yoga

Introduction to the subtle body - Koshas, kleshas, chakras, nadis and prana vayus

The fundamental principles of trauma-informed yoga

Bhakti yoga - the yoga of heart-felt devotion

Sanskrit names of poses and their etymology

The art of Vinyasa Krama - wise progression of sequencing

Guiding and cueing foundational yoga asana in the styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin

Principles of anatomy and biomechanics

How to observe and see bodies and be able to offer modifications & the use of props

The art of using your voice with confidence and authenticity

Gain confidence through practice teaching - give and receive feedback

Introduction to Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness

The business of yoga - what’s next

We fully support your integration process with mentoring and check-ins in between the immersions and beyond the end of the training.

Training Dates and venues

Module hours
8am-6pm daily
Module 1
Basecamp Yoga Studio, Grey Lynn, Auckland 
February 14th – 18th
50 Hours
Module 2
Basecamp Yoga Studio, Grey Lynn, Auckland
March 20th – 24th
50 Hours
Module 3 Kula, Muriwai
April 24th – 28th
50 Hours
Module 4
Basecamp Yoga, Grey Lynn, Auckland
May 22nd – 26th
50 Hours

May 26 – June 2
Finals preparation and practical’s & written assessment

June 9th 2024



Early-bird cost: $300 off before the end of November 2023

Costs do not include accomodation or meals. We provide all training materials, snacks and drinks. You can book accommodation at Kula via paula@kulamuriwai.co.nz

Please ask about our scholarship programme for the BIPOC community. https://www.inspireyogateachertrainingnz.co.nz/bipoc-scholarship

Enrolment in this program is not confirmed until a $500 deposit is received.  

Payment plans are available based on individual application.

Refund Policy

For cancellation one month prior to the start date, payment will be refunded. Less than one month prior to and up to the day before training begins, 25% of the teacher training cost will be refunded. There is NO refund once training begins.