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Ancient Philosophy for Modern Day Life 60hrs

+300hr Advanced Teacher Training May 10 – 12 & May 17 - 19

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Training Dates

May 10 – 12 & May 17 - 19, 2024

What you will learn

Delve into Yoga & Non-Dual Tantrik Philosophy in this course. Using a thoughtful, exploratory, and experiential methodology, we explore the magic of uncovering one's authentic nature by peeling back layers.

Some of the content we will cover:

~ Develop a committed & sustainable daily Sadhana (Spiritual Practice)

~ Using the explorative tools & practices of Ayruveda, Tantra and Yoga to determine what to incorporate into your daily Sadhana

~ Explore Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, emphasizing the link between yoga and the mind, and the ways to reach higher levels of awareness.

~ Explore the rich and life enhancing teachings of Non-Dual Tantra.

~ Engage in the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, and mantra to access greater awareness your true and essential nature.

~ Encourage self-reflection, somatics, free movement, and contemplative activities.

Unveil Your Life's Purpose through Dharma

~ Reveal your distinct life purpose

~ Explore your deepest desires and enhance your ability to achieve them

~ Recognise and transform your non-constructive patterns

~ Access enduring peace

~ Overcome upcoming obstacles

~ Embrace a more joyful and deliberate life

~ Harness the healing and empowering effects of meditation and deep relaxation

~ Enhance your intuition

~ Offer your most innovative and impactful contribution to the world

~ Remain on track towards personal success and happiness

We have a special guest - Amelia Mccombie coming to lead us through some of the Sutras that were traditionally taught through chanting and also some of the ancient vedic chants that were/are used as another pathway that leads to connection with self.

Training Dates and venues

Venue - Basecamp Yoga Studio, Grey Lynn, Auckland



Early-bird cost: $249 off before March 31 2024

Please ask about our scholarship programme for the BIPOC community. https://www.inspireyogateachertrainingnz.co.nz/bipoc-scholarship

Enrolment in this program is not confirmed until a $500 deposit is received.  

Payment plans are available based on individual application.

Refund Policy

For cancellation one month prior to the start date, payment will be refunded. Less than one month prior to and up to the day before training begins, 25% of the teacher training cost will be refunded. There is NO refund once training begins.


Creative and Meaningful Sequencing 50hr Module

+300hr Advanced Teacher Training 3-7 July 2024

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Training Dates

3 - 7 July 2024


Basecamp Yoga Grey Lynn, Auckland


In this course you will develop the art of creative and meaningful sequencing to create purposeful and powerful practices for students and for yourself. As a teacher, it is important to not only understand how to sequence a class but the WHY behind it. Students will have a significantly more powerful experience, when they are properly warmed physically, but also have the ability to experience a deeper purpose for their practice.

If you are feeling stuck or uninspired in your sequencing of classes, this module will give you so many incredible tools to add to your toolkit.

You will learn a myriad of ideas for intelligent and purposeful sequencing for your students.

Some of the elements you will learn:

How to use the latest in movement science in planning classes.

How to regress and progress movement to make your classes more accessible and properly prepare students physically and energetically.

How to sequence around Anatomy Trains, TCM Meridians, and how to provide your fascia with all of the types of movement it needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

How, why and when to use somatics, strength and passive stretching.

How to sequence around Ayurveda, Doshas and Chakras.

How to weave in secondary themes and yogic philosophy.

Sarvaanga – learn how to bring all of the elements of a complete practice together to give students the opportunity to have the most transformational experience on and off the mat.

You will immerse yourself in the Yoga Methodology, creativity, and gain the confidence and skills to lead this potent practice of yoga anywhere and to anyone.

You will be supported and challenged in new ways and you’ll discover just how powerful you are. 

Be ready to know yourself on a deeper level and experience new possibilities in your life.

Take part in the full 200-hour Teacher training and walk away wildly confident to lead a 90-minute class anywhere, to anyone.

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