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A new course begins the 10th July 2024


Our beginner's course aims to provide a gentle and informative initiation into yoga.

Over the four-week duration, you will learn breath work and yoga poses through detailed verbal guidance and demonstrations, allowing you to find the best positioning and alignment for your body.

The goal of this course is to empower you in a safe and supportive environment, helping you feel ready and confident to join a public class.


10th, 17th, 24th & 31st July 2024


Every Wednesday evening
8:00pm - 9:15pm

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Come as you ARE

Friday 19th July at 6:45pm with Mari & Lisa

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Date and time

Friday, 19th July

6:45 - 9:45pm


An evening to gather in our shared humanity, and remember the wisdom of movement and rest.

The brick and mortar of the night will include:

- Somatic resourcing practices- An open invitation to share in circle (and the same not to!).

- A radical movement container called Shake The Dust with Mari

- Restorative Yoga and the option to receive Reiki from Lisa.

- Cacoa to nurture, ground, and remember our interbeing.


Life does life really well, and that includes all of the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and every swerving ebb and flow. As feeling, sensing beings made of energy, and whether conscious of it or not, all of this can understandably feel like a lot at times.

But it isn't something we have to push aside, deny, or journey through alone. We can discover how to ride the waves; allow the natural wisdom of our bodyminds to move, express, and deeply rest; and how to warmly gather all of our parts around the open fire of our hearts to remember our inherent wholeness.

For thousands of years, humans have gathered together in ceremony, story telling, movement, music, love, grief, creativity and resolution - we are hardwired for connection and that imperative is as alive in our current age as it always has been.

Since time immemorial, we've needed these spaces, and creating them is a co-creation with each other and all that's alive in us collectively and individually - for the benefit of all beings.

With openness, curiosity, and in the loving arms of a co-created container, discover the freedom of coming as you are!------------


The structure of the evening has been lovingly curated to support you in practicing nervous system flexibility - the ability to move into states of activation when required, and into the subsequent rest that our bodies naturally seek after activation.

Shake The Dust is a powerfully simple container of perpetual movement together with free movement invitations, that support the body's natural desire to mobilise and express emotions, energy, and states of activation. Restorative Yoga and Reiki offer ample space for deep rest where the body can repair, integrate, and settle into homeostasis.

Mobilization and stillness, activation and rest. As cyclical beings, we need a balance of both and widening our capacity to move in and out of each, whilst also meeting the moments in between, is where our yoga meets every little nook and cranny of life!


With a warm and open hand and all of the above at the helm, we invite you to gather with us in the sacred arms of community, and journey together through this epic voyage of being human.

We invite you to rest into presence, instead of perfection, and to wholeheartedly COME AS YOU ARE.


Guided by Mari Colbert & Lisa Eliott




Basecamp Yoga NZ

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Koha event - Sunday 23rd June

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108 Sun salutations


The number 108 is sacred and significant in many ways and appears in ancient sacred texts. It has many important symbolic meanings in a wide range of disciplines, including spiritual practice, martial arts, mathematics and of course yoga. Join us in this moving meditation of practicing 108 Sun Salutations.

The act of practicing 108 Sun Salutations draws together some very potent yogic practices, including devotion (Bhakti), Selfless Service (Seva), and effort, heat & discipline (Tapas). As we turn up the heat - our burning desire to serve others and to make an impactful difference, lessons our concerns for our small self. It is an effortful act of surrender towards a higher purpose.

This class is a special event to raise funds towards supporting Mental Health.


Sunday 23rd June at 7am


Sandey Hoskin, Lisa Eliott, Mallari Martin & Robin Kelly

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A special 2hr journey with Lisa & Maryam

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date and time

Friday, 28th June at 5pm


A special evening with Lisa and Maryam to honour Matariki. Join us for 2hrs of bliss. A gentle 30min flow to release stagnant energy before dropping into 90 mins of restorative yoga. Whilst you rest and restore in your shapes, Lisa and Maryam will make their way around the room offering Reiki to those who wish to receive.

We close off this transformative experience with the healing vibrations of a sound bath that will calm and balance our nervous systems. The frequencies of crystal sound bowls will help integrate the reiki and gentle movement practice within and shift us all into a deep state of relaxation.

Follow the call to deeply rest as we come together, honour those that have come before us and deeply connect to ourselves and one another as we welcome in the Maori New Year.


Lisa Eliott & Maryam Al-Roubaiai



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Turn YINward

A 2-hour Yin Immersion with Fiona Liu

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Turn YINward


Join Fiona in this 2-hour nourishing yin journey to slow down the body and mind.
Learn to pause, soften, and turn towards our inner experiences - our sensations, feelings, emotions and needs.
Learn to work with the mind.

Expect to leave the workshop feeling relaxed, refreshed, nourished and recharged.

Fiona is a yin yoga story-teller and yin yoga educator. It's pure joy when she is on a yin journey with you.

Date & Time:

Sat 27th July 5:30 - 7:30pmĀ 

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