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A new course begins the 8 May 2024


Our beginner's course aims to provide a gentle and informative initiation into yoga.

Over the four-week duration, you will learn breath work and yoga poses through detailed verbal guidance and demonstrations, allowing you to find the best positioning and alignment for your body.

The goal of this course is to empower you in a safe and supportive environment, helping you feel ready and confident to join a public class.


8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th May 2024


Every Wednesday evening
8:00pm - 9:15pm

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A workshop for women 40-70 Embrace your midlife!

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Aoraki room

date and time

Sat, May 04, 2024, 11:30 AM


A workshop for women 40-70
Embrace your midlife!

Are you ready to discover a vibrant, healthier you?

Pivot yourself in a new direction with this educational and inspirational workshop that focuses on improving your overall composition, sleep, energy, focus, mood and emotions, gut health, vitality and radiance.

Regain your zest for life!

Would you love to regain your vibrancy, energy and zest for life? Do you desire a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to wake up feeling radiant and happy? Do you want to manage your health as holistically as possible? The midlife years bring a range of challenges and discomforts that can affect the overall quality of life for many women. With the right guidance and a holistic approach to managing symptoms you can navigate your midlife years and beyond with vitality and grace.

You will learn about...
The 101 Midlife & Hormones
Foundational & Lifestyle Health
Gut Health Mastery
Hormone Balancing Nutrition
Weight Management
Beauty & Self Image
Stress Management
Fatigue & Energy

Followed by a targeted midlife & beyond soothing yoga practice

A Transformational Journey -
I invite you to commit time and care to your own self and take this workshop that will offer you wonderful education and insight, but more importantly it will offer you time to care and nourish your own self. We all owe that to ourselves from time to time!


Alana Keith



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Shakti mat & yin

Sunday 5th May at 6:45pm with Fiona Liu

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Shakti Mat & Yin


In this special practice, you’ll gently release chronic aches and pains in the body, reawakening and uplifting the body.

Yin yoga and Acupressure are combined to increase the body's innate healing ability.

Shakti Mats are known for promoting:
- Deep, restful sleep
- Relaxation of tense muscles
- Recovery from headaches
- Recovery from muscular injury
- Stimulation of Digestive Fire
- Blood Circulation

No previous experience of Shakti Mat or Yoga is necessary.

Bring your own Shakti Mat or email Fiona to hire one for free

Date & Time

Sunday 5th May

6:45pm - 8pm


Turn YINward

A 2-hour Yin Immersion with Fiona Liu

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Turn YINward


Join Fiona in this 2-hour nourishing yin journey to slow down the body and mind.
Learn to pause, soften, and turn towards our inner experiences - our sensations, feelings, emotions and needs.
Learn to work with the mind.

Expect to leave the workshop feeling relaxed, refreshed, nourished and recharged.

Fiona is a yin yoga story-teller and yin yoga educator. It's pure joy when she is on a yin journey with you.

Date & Time:

Sat 27th July 5:30 - 7:30pm 

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YOGA FUSION : flow & Strength

with Cat Thompson

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Yoga Fusion: Flow & Strength

Date and time:

Saturday 8th June 12 till 1:30pm


Join us for a 90-minute specialty Class: Yoga Fusion with Weights. Led by Cat Thompson, this dynamic class combines yoga, strength training, and music. By incorporating weights, you will amplify your practise and challenge your muscles while gaining new strength and awareness within your yoga poses.

In this class, we will focus on alignment, balance, and core stability, helping enhance your overall strength and flexibility. With energizing music and a harmonious flow, you will leave feeling strong and rejuvenated.

Weights will be provided, and there are limited spots available. Reserve your spot.




Basecamp Yoga Grey Lynn, Auckland

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